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An old tale with a new twist...

Written and directed by award winning illustrator, Matthew D. Wilson, Wolfsbane is an exciting short film project that re-imagines the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale as a dark, sensual and foreboding fable.

Wolfsbane draws its visual inspiration from the popular steam punk fantasy genre, where goggles are a mandatory accessory and top hats are the couture du jour. The story replaces the perilous forest of the Red Riding Hood tale with an equally treacherous grime-covered, steam-filled industrial city, inhabited by all manner of ill-meaning miscreants and scoundrels. Where the wolf once roamed, our more mature and provocative (though no less naïve) heroine, is stalked through the streets by a mysterious and menacing gentleman with a hidden agenda and a sinister secret.

With stunning visuals crafted among the legacies of Seattle, Washington’s magnificent late 19th century architecture, this unexpected reinvention of a classic childhood story promises to surprise and excite audiences at every dark and twisted turn.

Wolfsbane is the first motion picture endeavor for Mad Plan ProductionsTM, gathering the expertise and experience of the North West’s most talented and motivated independent filmmakers. Join us on this adventure in filmmaking as we give you a front row seat to the behind the scenes of this exciting endeavor.

Wolfsbane — stalking audiences in 2010.

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